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My Munchkin's Calendar

With my husband and I separating, obviously, my main concern is that our daughter feel secure and loved. She’s not yet five and I worry that the visit schedule we have set up for her is confusing. I want her to be able to rely upon it and us. I want her to know where she is going to be what night and what weekend.

But how to do that when it is dependent upon so many different factors and her ability to comprehend time, let alone dates and weeks, is limited? Our intention is to stick to dinners with Dad on Monday and Wednesday nights and then, every other weekend, she spend the night at his place.

So, after much contemplation, this is the result. In a closet I had two of these metal bulletin boards. You know the ones that use magnets instead of pins to attach items.

So I went on Etsy and found customizable magnets (minepress.etsy.com). I ordered two sets of the day numbers, one yellow and one blue. I ordered one set of the months and one set of the week dates. And then a variety of random ones, like “Mother’s Day,” “Halloween,” “Thanksgiving” and “No School.”

My thought is that, if it’s a Wednesday, she can tell from the calendar that she will be having dinner with Dad but sleeping in her own bed. Every other weekend is blue (weekend with Dad) or yellow (weekend with Mom). And she can “plan” accordingly.

So far, it seems great and she loves it. I will let you know if we hit any bumps in the road!