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I have been filling my spare time with various and sundry house and garden projects. I am trying to fill my home with more color, more music. Pinterest is feeding my efforts, and be them good or bad I appreciate both the resource and the inspiration.

My daughter has been spending every other weekend with her dad. I feel guilty saying this but I actually look forward to my weekends alone. Not for socializing (not completely anyway) but so I can be productive. On one recent weekend I accomplished what I think is a great deal:

1. Sanded head and foot board for Munchkin’s “big girl” bed.

2. Spray painted the same.

3. Touched up the walls in the dining room, kitchen and Munchkin’s room.

4. Painted over border in Munchkin’s room.

5. Rehung pictures in dining room and kitchen.

6. Productive trip to Target for lamp, photo frames, etc. to match paint color of Munchkin’s bed.

7. Trip to Home Depot to get more paint for Munchkin’s bed.

8. Spray painted baskets and dresser knobs for Munchkin’s bed.

9. Watched Skyfall (Daniel Craig still looks awesome, even when they try to make him look old).

10. Washed out quilt that’s been soaking for three days, trying to get out old stains.

11. Breakfast and a pedicure. Indulgence.

12. Trip to Ikea to get mattress for Munchkin’s bed.

13. Disassemble crib.

14. Rehung curtains in dining room.

Well, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Not too bad, I don’t think. Now if only I can find the same energy to get some work done! The kind that pays the bills, that is.