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Munchkin's Big Girl Bed

So I have decided Munchkin is ready for a big girl bed. Heck, she’s been ready a long time but I have so loved having her “captured” and she doesn’t seem to have figured out that she can actually crawl out of there. Anywho…

I bought this bed for $35 off Craigslist. It’s solid if a little old school. I have been eyeing an adorable bed at Land of Nod that is way beyond my means so I thought I’d see what I could do with this.

I gave it a really good coat of Liquid Sandpaper. First time I have ever used it and it seemed to do the trick. Heck of a lot less messy than regular sanding if a little underwhelming.

So then I started the spray painting. I’d chosen a bright blue but I didn’t know it would be THAT bright. It’s really more of a turquoise but it grew on me. It’s a pretty happy color, isn’t it?

I did decide that it wasn’t going to fit in very well with the rest of her room if I didn’t integrate the color some more. Some painted some of her pink baskets turquoise and the knobs on her dresser. Then I got really lucky at Target (my other addiction), with an inexpensive quilt, lamp and a couple of throw pillows with a similar blue in them.

Anyway, the end result made me pretty happy. And Munchkin really loves it. In fact, she’s actually slept in it every night. Though she often asks me to stay and sleep there too.

I’d love to have your thoughts on the color. Too much? Or just happy enough?

Munchkin Bed After