As a girl, I was entirely into princesses. There, I said it. Online, no less. So now every opposing counsel who wants to, knows the truth about me. There is a lot I could explore on this topic but my point is to talk once again about parenting.

So why the title? Well, my recollection is that a post-ball Cinderella does her chores singing,

“So this is love, my heart has wings, and I can fly. So this is what makes life worthwhile. So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of. So this is love.”

Ah, what a dream. That love makes all of those chores so palatable. Um, yeah. Well…

So Munchkin is still not completely potty trained so I am still dealing with poop and pee accidents daily. And her anger of late has reached all new heights and extremes. She is fighting me on bedtime, sharing, yelling, spitting, and on and on. The highlight of my week is often Monday morning at 8 AM when our nanny knocks on the door. And I frequently thank the universe that I did not become a parent until my 40s and now allegedly have the patience allegedly gained by those extra 20 years.

But I will say that I am often shocked at how much I can palate when it comes to my baby girl. Which brings me back to Cinderella’s love song lyrics. Ah, so THIS is love.  The love of my life is unequivocally my daughter. I don’t think that’s what Cinderella had in mind but I am grateful and oh so in love.