My 4th of July Wreath

This is my version of a wreath pinned by It’s So Very Cheri (she got the idea from Oodles Kadoodle Pimirive). Hers was adorable and motivated me to give it a try myself. I even managed to get a start on it before July! So she must really have motivated me.

I found flags at Display & Costume that were about 2 inches by 1. They are paper which enabled me to sort of pull them so there is some “body” and “curl.” That effect took me a while to figure out but it definitely makes the wreath look fuller. It also actually cut down on the number of flags I needed. I only used 720 flags, give or take. That’s right I said only. The wreath form in 16 inches. All in all, I would guess it took me 3 hours. That’s including all of the “help” Munchkin gave me, of course.

My Tim Taylor lesson: I can see the back of the form through my door window. Didn’t think that through. So I either need to get a longer ribbon or find a way to spray paint the back… OR suck it up.

So now my big dilemma is whether the ribbon goes inside or outside. 😉