About Me

I’m rebuilding my life, starting with my home. I am looking for inspiration, light & color for my space.

I am a (recently new) single momma to a beautiful four year old girl with a communication delay. I am inspired by her and scared for her every day. I want our home together to be joy full, beauty full, and love filled.

I am an independent person, have had my own business for nearly 8 years, love to travel, and I love to learn. Life has given me a lot to learn from lately and I do not want to lose these opportunities.

Intellectual learning, book learning if you will, has always come easily for me. Other lessons not so much. I believe in trying new things regularly and this blog and my new DIY interests and fueling that belief.
So I write now to better understand myself as I go through this change in my life. I will be playing it honest about my separation, my daughter, my feelings, and my efforts to balance single motherhood and running my own business. And I will be showing you my efforts, successful and not, at re-creating my surroundings.

Welcome to my life, come in, be comfortable.


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